Books and References

Here are some educational leadership/innovation/change books that are making a difference in my world right now . . . updated January 27, 2012

  • Frances Hesselben et al editors – The Community of the Future
  • Peter Urs Bender – Leadership From Within
  • Gary N. Powell – Women and Men in Leadership
  • Linda Kaser and Judy Halbert – Leadership Mindsets
  • Walter Isaacson – Steve Jobs
  • Lance Secretan – Reclaiming Higher Ground
  • Note: Each of these authors has a wide array of other books, including some that are newer, but these resonate with me

And some classics . . .

  • Warren Bennis – On Becoming a Leader
  • Peter Senge – The Fifth Discipline
  • Margaret Wheatley – Finding Our Way
  • John Goodlad – A Place Called School

And for pleasure . . .  The Help or, if you are into action thrillers or legal dramas, anything by Lee Child or Harlan Coben.


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